LS Aludra (for MiLocker and WidgetLocker)

This is it..LS Aludra for MiLocker and WidgetLocker 😀

Download here for MiLocker [link] *mirror not welcome!
Download here for WidgetLocker [link] *mirror not welcome!
Download PSD for WLtheme (clock background) [link] *mirror not welcome!

*for MDPI only (HDPI/LDPI untested)

Enjoy 😀


40 thoughts on “LS Aludra (for MiLocker and WidgetLocker)

    • klo yg utk MiLocker jamnya dah include sm themenya.
      klo yg utk WLtheme, gw pake minimalistictext utk date/time nya, backgroundnya jamnya gw embedded di wallpaper yg mau gw pake.
      makanya itu gw kasih psd utk clock background di Wltheme.
      kalo pake mclock/chrono emang gitu, ga bisa full.

  1. I have no idea how to install the .mtz type files for MiLocker. I’ve tried to install them from MiLocker settings but didn’t found the proper actions.Then took them as separate file and i can only open them as Video/audio/text/image . Can you please send me on the right path for these? Thanks:)

      • What font did you use, and are they touchable? how do you do that…
        Also the player widget where its from ?
        and how did you add the icons? sms/call icon ?

        • Well evrything works now, but the only problem this isnt for the Galaxy Nexus :[
          anychance to get it for the galaxy nexus or can someone link me with some other themes for the nexus? thx

  2. Yes but widgetlocker is only for sliders to unlock sms/phone/email etc… without icons or number of unread msg which not been able to add, only by another program that just gives text without design..

    • klo yg utk MiLocker dah include persis kaya di preview. Klo utk WL bs pake app missed it tp ga persis kaya preview jdnya..

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