LS Ursa

This is it, LS Ursa for MiLocker and WidgetLocker 🙂

for MiLocker (MDPI/HDPI)
– Popup missed call and SMS count
– Charging indicator
– Double tap clock for music player (show album art and track info)

for WidgetLocker (L/M/HDPI)
– Double slider (unlock and dialer)

This theme using slider from LS Glasio for iPhone by iRamez aka Filip Walica [link]. So, all credit goes to him.

Download here for MiLocker (MDPI) [link] *mirror not welcome!  for HDPI go here (thanks to lesa0208) [link]
Download here for WidgetLocker [link] *mirror not welcome!


This is LS Ursa ‘Minora’ for MiLocker (MDPI only).
This theme using SC-Elegant CD Art theme by AxiSan [link]. So credit goes to him 🙂

Download LS Ursa ‘Minora’ for Milocker here [link] *mirror not welcome!


LS Ursa Minora for Widgetlocker

Download LS Ursa ‘Minora’ for Widgetlocker here [link] *mirror not welcome!

Cheers.. 😉


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