AVIORA theme for CM7 & MIUI

Hello world 😀
Let me introduce my new theme. Its called AVIORA.
Sorry for late release. This theme for Theme Chooser and MIUI.

I. AVIORA For Theme Chooser

* based on my Aludra theme
* fit for L/M/HDPI devices
* no preview on theme chooser
* if your deskclock doesnt appear the text, go here [link]

Download for CM7 here [link] *mirror not welcome!!!

for who wanna have my miui launcher mod for any rom, download here [link] *mirror not welcome!!!



* based on Evoluer theme by dbiliter
* tested on MIUI-GB

Download for MIUI here [link] *mirror not welcome!!!


* cloning for robot vector
* ZduneX25 for tips and trick
* dbiliter for Evoluer Theme
* the creator of Sarif Theme for inspirations
* the creator of the icons
* Lesao2o8 for the help
* Reza Rivani for tester (CM7 LDPI)
* AV7_ari for tester (CM7 HDPI)
* ian_trueblue for tester (MIUI)


25 thoughts on “AVIORA theme for CM7 & MIUI

  1. gan mutia klo mau tanggal-nya deket icon toggle trus carrier name-nya deket statusbar on close, xml yg diedit yg mana, bisa kasih tutor gan?

  2. Gan mutia..
    ane pake Rom ExMIUIv4 2.5.11-r1..
    koq gk bisa ane apply ya tema nya..

    ane prtama pake miui..
    mhon bmbingan nya

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