AVIORA theme for CM7 & MIUI

Hello world ๐Ÿ˜€
Let me introduce my new theme. Its called AVIORA.
Sorry for late release. This theme for Theme Chooser and MIUI.

I. AVIORA For Theme Chooser

* based on my Aludra theme
* fit for L/M/HDPI devices
* no preview on theme chooser
* if your deskclock doesnt appear the text, go here [link]

Download for CM7 here [link] *mirror not welcome!!!

for who wanna have my miui launcher mod for any rom, download here [link]ย *mirror not welcome!!!



* based on Evoluer theme by dbiliter
* tested on MIUI-GB

Download for MIUI here [link] *mirror not welcome!!!


*ย cloning for robot vector
* ZduneX25 for tips and trick
* dbiliter for Evoluer Theme
* the creator of Sarif Theme for inspirations
* the creator of the icons
* Lesao2o8 for the help
* Reza Rivani for tester (CM7 LDPI)
* AV7_ari for tester (CM7 HDPI)
* ian_trueblue for tester (MIUI)


25 thoughts on “AVIORA theme for CM7 & MIUI

  1. gan mutia klo mau tanggal-nya deket icon toggle trus carrier name-nya deket statusbar on close, xml yg diedit yg mana, bisa kasih tutor gan?

      • di ss paling kiri, teks tanggal-nya kan ada di deket toggle icon, biasanya ada di statusbar
        trus operatornya kan ada dideket statusbar on close, biasanya di deket toggle icon
        nah biar kek ss agan, xml mana yg diedit di systemui?

  2. Gan mutia..
    ane pake Rom ExMIUIv4 2.5.11-r1..
    koq gk bisa ane apply ya tema nya..

    ane prtama pake miui..
    mhon bmbingan nya

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